Politics and love

I can give you ten reasons why my mouth
fits the backs of your knuckles so easily
and all of them begin with the word “finally”


I have hidden my voice in you
I have hidden the best and the
loneliest parts of me in you.

I want to hypothesize something
about having something to say.
I want all of our tiny breaths
pressed together.


You are all the parts in me that can’t
You have different names sometimes
when I look at you.

You are on the internet looking up pictures of
fire rainbows
because online you exist.

talk to me

I think you can learn a lot about a person when

you are sticking your fingers in their mouth.
For instance. I think either your heart is
somehow sewn to your lips

or you just really really do not want

to talk.

I have become increasingly aware of the remoteness
of my body.

I want to tell you that there is absolutely nothing
at the end of the Milky Way.

I want to tell you that I am not going back home
for a funeral.

Instead I say that
later this year

scientists report Venus and Jupiter will end up
switching places.

i want to be romantic to everyone probably

there is nothing more telling than the imprint
my head leaves on my pillow
it is always 100 times smaller than i imagine
my brain to be.

if there are no such things
as alternate realities
then i am probably screwed.

i can see The Milky Way spiraling over the roof
of my house like a smile washed with pale
and i wonder how far away i am from
its mouth.
i wonder how far away this is from

there’s nothing i’d like to be more than tiny
except vast.


Collab with Hannah Amante.

thousands of feet below you

the mountains are a crumpled brown napkin

you’ve tried to smooth out

over and


your hands don’t even shake

when you think about

how great the fall.

the ground would spread it’s arms

wide to open you.

gravity would close it’s lips

around your neck.

as a child

you used to stand out in front of your house

scream at the airplanes flying

above you

and wonder if they could hear.


One of my collabs with the very cool Hannah Amante.


I’m in a bar at
The end of the universe
They have wifi here.

I tried updating
My location on Facebook
But it didn’t work.

I don’t think it liked
that I tried to put that I
was ‘in my own head’

When a body starts to die,
you might hear a sound like a sigh or a yawn.
Do not be alarmed.
This is just the body trying to suck in all the molecules of
air it can, before the entire body shuts down.

The body likes tight spaces to crawl under
and sneaks along the sidewalk
on its belly,
you might see it some morning you are up too early
thinking too many things
taking a walk to clear your head.

If you see an injured body,
do not touch the body.

The body is terrified of contact.